About us

Selecting the right mattress from the right shop is vital to a good night's rest.

Here at Unisprings, we are good at what we do. Founded in 1996 by industry veteran Mr. John Tan and now run by his family members, we bring together decades of expertise and experience, putting our hearts and minds into crafting the perfect mattresses for our customers.

All our mattresses and bed frames are tailored with our customer’s needs in mind to ensure comfort, back support and durability. We also specialize in custom-sized bed frames and mattresses.

Regardless of which model or brand you choose with us, our customers can be assured of the best quality and competitive pricing.

Join our family of 80,000 satisfied customers. Make the right choice at Unisprings, the house of fine beds®, and be ensured of a good night’s rest for years to come.

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